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Getting ready for the cleaner


1. We love pets!  But, while we’re visiting, their home will be a work zone.  After they say hello, please remember to keep your pets in an out-of-the-way place where they’ll feel safe and be comfortable.

2. Adequate parking and access to your home is essential.  Please keep this in mind on the day of your appointment.

3. If  moving something might break the technician’s back, the bank, or your heart, we must ask you to move it to a safe place.  Please remove small and breakable items from the areas to be cleaned before we arrive.

4. Your technician is breakable too, just like many of your valuables, so heavy items like china closets and entertainment centers will have to stay in place.  They are not allowed to move electronic, computer equipment, sleeper sofa’s and heavy bedroom sets.

5. Clear the area as much as possible, getting as much as you can up and off the carpets, including floor-length drapes.  Anything you can move out—especially light chairs, tables, stools, magazine holders, baskets and so on—will speed the process, getting you back on your nice CLEAN carpets that much sooner!

6. Unseen problems with weak or wobbly furniture are easy to overlook.  To make sure we don’t cause any unintentional damage, please point out any areas of concern when we arrive.

7. To make sure we address all of your concerns properly, point out any problem spots you have including what caused it, how long it’s been there and anything you’ve used to remedy the situation. 

8. Pre-Vacuuming, if your not having us do the pre-vacuuming before the carpet cleaning, please take your time in vacuuming. A well vacuumed carpet will clean better and will dry much faster, so Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. 24 hrs after  carpet cleaning, please take the time to vacuum the carpet again.

9. For your personal safety and my peace of mind, it is necessary that you “owner/occupant” stay completely out of all areas of work. Should you have a need of passing through areas of work for what ever reason there is, lunch, latrine, etc, I will gladly provide shoe covers if needed. Some people have allergies to detergents, please no bare feet on the carpets during the cleaning process. Ceramic and vinyl flooring, some areas in the home have these types of flooring, this flooring will provide a slip and fall environment during the cleaning and drying process and all cords, hose and equipment necessary to cleaning in your home can be tripped on. Please remember, Safety when passing through or around work areas.

10. No fault spot/spill 30 day guarantee after cleaning.  Glass of wine, sandwich ketchup, known or unknown spot somewhere on the carpet or some other mishap happens, we’ll be right out and get it cleaned up. 




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